Political Radar Brings a Fresh Voice to Green Bay Issues

Northeast Wisconsin’s Political Scene Gets a Lot More Interesting

Six years ago, I moved to Green Bay after a 9 year career in politics in the capital of Texas. Compared to Austin, the political environment here was, let’s say, a little dead.

I worked on city council, judicial, bond and county-level races in Texas, and they were very well-funded. Heck, over $6 million was spent in the last Austin City Council elections.

Here, almost no money is spent on races at the local or county level. The low spending is one symptom of a lack of attention and awareness. Green Bay is not what you would consider a “political town”.

That may be about to change.

Political RadarA few weeks ago, the Political Radar podcast launched, and from the start this show blew me away. The hosts, Elliot Christenson and Rhonda Sitnikau (links to their respective Twitter profiles), have put together a program that engages top elected officials, candidates and community leaders in discussion around a wide range of local and national topics.

A Political Show With Actual Conversation

Political Radar is not your typical “talking heads” show. This one is different. A wide range of viewpoints are encouraged (the two hosts are a libertarian and a liberal) and the conversation that is passionate but respectful. There’s no screaming and guests are given time to present their opinions without being talked over. It’s nothing like watching Fox, MSNBC or CNN, and that’s a very good thing.

The show format is a concise 30-minute session, and they have been appearing in rapid fashion. Topics have included everything from the future of Colburn Pool to city budget priorities and even gun control laws. Local government matters, because more than any other the decisions made at the city and county level have an impact on your daily life. I applaud Rhonda and Elliot on their work to get more of what’s going on out in the open.

If you’re interested in Northeast Wisconsin politics or simply want to know what’s going on in your community, give Political Radar a subscribe in iTunes.

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