Campaign Marketing How-To: Direct Mail, Leaflets and Other Printed Materials

Candidate and Staff Training Excerpt: Direct Mail & Printed Materials

In this excerpt from a campaign staff and candidate training we answer many questions about direct mail and printed materials including:

  • How do campaigns get their direct mail program off the ground?
  • Is direct mail even relevant anymore (YES!) in 2015?
  • Who should be overseeing the mail program for our campaign?
  • What kind of attributes should we look for in a printing vendor?
  • When we build our campaign plans, how much lead time does there need to be for each mail piece?
  • Are there design details we should include to help our message get across?
  • How do we Budget for mail in our voter contact program?
  • Is there any way we can save money in our direct mail program?
  • What other kinds of printed pieces should we consider?

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